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Polyester Paracord vs. Nylon Paracord

If you have perused through our wide selection of 550 paracord, you may have noticed we carry both nylon and polyester paracord. What is the difference between polyester and nylon? We get this question very often. While there are some differences, it all comes down to preference. Polyester is just as popular and in demand as nylon paracord. [...]

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3 Ways To Fuse Paracord

Are you looking for ways to fuse two colors of paracord together. Check out these tutorials and get started today. 1. Fuse Paracord with Melting Tools: Paracord, scissors, lighter, pliersThis video shows you how to fuse two different colors of paracord together using a lighter. This method can be used when you are making a two tone paracord bracelet. [...]

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4 Situations When You Should Use Reflective 550 Paracord

Do you like to bike or run at night? Perhaps you camp?  Whatever activities you enjoy at night reflective 550 paracord can keep you safe. While paracord has an infinite amount of benefits, when it is reflective you get an additional perk to this already versatile cord. Reflective paracord has the added benefit of being useful [...]

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5 Ways to Save Your Life with Your Paracord Bracelet

So you're on your way to spend time in the great outdoors. Maybe you're embarking on a hike through the Appalachian trail or another challenging adventure into nature. Whatever the journey you're setting out on, you're sporting your survivalist paracord bracelet on your wrist that matches your rugged outdoors gear. Whether you made your [...]

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