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4 Situations When You Should Use Reflective 550 Paracord

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Do you like to bike or run at night? Perhaps you camp?  Whatever activities you enjoy at night reflective 550 paracord can keep you safe. While paracord has an infinite amount of benefits, when it is reflective you get an additional perk to this already versatile cord. Reflective 550 Paracord

Reflective paracord has the added benefit of being useful at night to keep you visual. Check out the reasons you should use reflective paracord.

1. Biking

If you are a bike rider then safety is always a concern of yours. While you may have reflectors on your bike, additional reflectors will ensure your visibility. You could sport a paracord bracelet made of reflective paracord to help you be seen. This will be especially beneficial when you are giving hand signals at night. Reflectors on your bike helps your bike get seen but, your hand signals may get unnoticed at night without a reflective paracord bracelet. 

2. Running or Walking

In dimly lit areas it is essential for night runners and walkers to have a clothing and accessories that help them be seen. As with biking having a reflective bracelet can be essential. For example, if you were injured and couldn't run or walk, you could wave. If you were to wave with a reflective bracelet you have a higher chance of being seen.  Another use for reflective paracord would be to make a key chain. If you drop your keys at night, having reflective paracord could help you find them easily.

3.Dog Walking

Keep your canine companion safe by getting or making him/her a dog collar using reflective paracord. If while you are walking your pet, they run off, drivers will be able to see them better if they are wearing a collar that reflects light. Keeping your pup visible at night can save their life as well as yours. 

4. Camping

Camping at night is a lot of fun, but you must stay safe. There are several ways to use reflective paracord while camping. You can attach the paracord to canteens, flashlights and keys. In the event you drop an item at night you will be able to see it easily. You and your camping crew can also wear reflective paracord bracelets, belts and other accessories to help you see each other better. 

Reflective paracord is your go to parachute cord for additional safety. To get started making your paracord projects with reflective 550 paracord go here