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Polyester Paracord vs. Nylon Paracord

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If you have perused through our wide selection of 550 paracord, you may have noticed we carry both nylon and polyester paracord. What is the difference between polyester and nylon? We get this question very often. While there are some differences, it all comes down to preference.

Polyester is just as popular and in demand as nylon paracord. Often times it is difficult to tell the difference between the two. Unless it is labeled you may not even know. At Mr. Paracord we are upfront about the whether the paracord is nylon or polyester because we know that some people do have preferences.

Our polyester paracord has the same standards as our nylon paracord. It is rated to 550lbs. Just like the nylon version, it has 7 inner 2 ply nylon strands, which is the industry standard. Our polyester paracord is high quality, quick drying and will not rot. In addition, it is easy to work with.

The differences are slight. Polyester is more affordable than nylon paracord. Our polyester paracord is 25%-40% less expensive than our nylon variations. Since our polyester paracord is more affordable we are able to stock it faster. While it will save you money to use the polyester version, it will not compromise the quality of your paracord projects because our polyester paracord is held at the same standards as the nylon.

Another difference is the polyester braid is very tight which will sometimes contribute to a smaller diameter of paracord. Polyester is also less smooth than the nylon. Despite these differences your paracord projects will not be affected.

Check out our diverse variety of solid colored and multi-colored polyester paracord. Use our top quality polyester paracord for you next project.