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5 Ways to Save Your Life with Your Paracord Bracelet

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So you're on your way to spend time in the great outdoors. Maybe you're embarking on a hike through the Appalachian trail or another challenging adventure into nature. Whatever the journey you're setting out on, you're sporting your survivalist paracord bracelet on your wrist that matches your rugged

Paracord Bracelets - Survival Bracelets

outdoors gear. Whether you made your paracord bracelet or bought it, there are multiple uses for it.

Your paracord bracelet is made to help you survive in multiple circumstances. Here are 5 ways your paracord bracelet can save your life.

1. Start a Fire

You can gut the cord and use the inner strands to create a friction fire using the bow-drill method. The bow-drill method is a primitive way of generating a fire and staying warm or for cooking. In the event you are outside on your journey and you need to spark a fire; get some dry branches and use your paracord bracelet. Remember to be mindful of where your spark your flame so that you avoid causing any forest fires.

2. Bow and Arrow 

Speaking of primitive uses of your paracord, you can hunt with a bow and arrow. To prevent from going hungry or to ward off predators on your trek, you can use your paracord bracelet and branches to create a bow and arrow.

3. Shelter

Feel precipitation on the way and want to keep dry? Unravel your bracelet and find yourself some branches and leaves. The paracord and branches can be used to create a shelter.This shelter will be your safeguarding barrier to the elements. Use your paracord by tying the branches to a create stable foundation for your shelter.

4. Fishing Line or Gill Net

If you find yourself stranded near a body of water, you wont go hungry! Once again with the use of the threads in your paracord bracelet you can make fishing line and fish for your dinner. In addition to a fishing line you can make a gill net to throw in the water and capture fish. This gill net can also be used to capture birds and other small animals. 

5. Tourniquet

Surviving in nature can get rough. You are susceptible to receiving injuries while braving the outdoors. In the event you receive an injury that causes you to lose blood, you can use your paracord as a tourniquet to arrest blood loss.

Now that you know all of the indispensable benefits of paracord bracelets; wouldn't you like to make one? Check out our Paracord Bracelet Kits and make your survivalist paracord bracelet today!

We are curious to know what other ways could you use your paracord bracelet for survival? Leave a comment below!