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3 Ways To Fuse Paracord

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Are you looking for ways to fuse two colors of paracord together. Check out these tutorials and get started today. 

1. Fuse Paracord with Melting 

Tools: Paracord, scissors, lighter, pliers

This video shows you how to fuse two different colors of paracord together using a lighter. This method can be used when you are making a two tone paracord bracelet. You could also use this method for several other paracord projects. First you will cut the ends of the cords that you will be fusing. Once the paracord is cut then you will burn the ends to melt them. Once they are melted, fuse them together. Hold the fusion my pressing them with a pair of pliers. By pressing them with the pliers you will have a smooth fusion. Trim any excess melted cord and go over it once more with the lighter for clean product.

2. Fusing Paracord Safely 

Tools: Paracord, scissors, lighter, pliers

This next video helps you to keep yourself safe while burning your paracord. It also helps to burn the paracord without having extra melted cord. As with the first method you will cut the ends of the paracord to make them even. Then you will pull back the casing of the paracord to expose about a fourth of an inch of the seven inner strands. Once you do that cut the exposed strands and squeeze the casing. Melt the flat casing by moving it in and out of the blue flame of the lighter. This will help prevent you from burning yourself. Do this to the other paracord that you are fusing. Once done combine the two melted ends and go over it once more with the lighter. Check out this video for tips on keeping your fingers safe. 

3. Fusing Two Colors with Fire with a Lighter

Tools: Paracord, scissors, Buckle 

In this video you will learn how to combine two colors without using a lighter. This tutorial is perfect if you have an aversion to fire or do not have a lighter on hand. I also find this video perfect for children looking to make a bracelet with two different colors. To get started you will have to create a larks head knot around the buckle with the two different paracords. From there you will interweave the paracord together to create the design perfect for you. Check out this video and get started making your two-colored bracelet today.