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Blog - #paracordfashion

How to do the infinity knot?


One of our facebook followers wanted to know how to do the infinity knot. The video tutorial below is not in English, however the steps are pretty clearly shown. This knot can be used on its own to make beautiful bracelets, as well as combined with other paracord weaves. We hope you like it!

How to Make a Balanced Stone Bar?

Wondering how to make the bracelet in the image above? You've come to the right place!J.D. Lenzen from TIAT posted a new video tutorial on how to make the balanced stone bar, which according to him is just another adaptation of the standard solomon bar and is great as a bracelet, as well as a [...]

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Crochet paracord clutch purse?

Paracord started out as a survival tool, however its use in fashion accessories is growing quickly. We are loving the tutorials below for crocheting yarn clutch purses. The tutorials explain the step by step technique, including the materials used. Think you can crochet this with paracord? Give it a try and don't forget to tag [...]

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