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Blog - #550paracord

Paracord ninja turtle


We simply love paracord ninja turtles, as we assume you do too! Those can be fun to make for your children and grandchildren, as well as grownups :) In case you haven't tried making one yet, you can now follow the very simple video tutorial below. You start with weaving a cobra and then adding those playful eyes to your bracelet, and you've got yourself a ninja turtle bracelet :) 

Stitched solomon

We are pretty sure that you already know how to do the solomon weave; however, it doesn't hurt to stitch it up a bit to make it look nicer! Following the link below, you can see step by step an interesting stitching technique! Even though the text on the page is not English, all the [...]

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Double monkey fist bookmark

Whether you need it for J.D. Lenzen's (TIAT) new book on his amazing work or for your children's school books, or maybe you just want a challenge, you need to give this double monkey fist bookmark a try!The steps to making it are very simple, it just a little bit of calculation work to leave [...]

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Paracord Bike Frame Handle

Love paracord projects and love staying in shape? This project was made for you! Following the link below, you can make your own paracord bike frame handle. The pictorial shows in great detail the tools you will need and the steps to creating this handle. Knot away and ride safely!http://bit.ly/1poEHku

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Aluminum Chair Makeover

Are you one of those people who just love to redecorate their house every now and then? Are you someone who can't let go of vintage things you find in your garage? Do you like giving things in your house makeovers?Well if you are any of those, this project is definitely for you! The tutorial [...]

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How to Make a Glerá River Bar Bracelet?

If you are looking for a tutorial on the Glera River Bar bracelet, you're in the right place :) TIAT's J.D. Lenzen left a tutorial to work on while he's in Iceland. Get your paracord ready and start tying :)

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Paracord Dreamcatcher

Having bad dreams or just in need of a new exciting paracord project? Try making this paracord dreamcatcher in the image above by following this easy pictorial from http://bit.ly/1pwUvqc. It's fun to make and it will keep your bad dreams away :) start knotting and dream away!

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How to make the Fox Tail Bar?

Whether you're trying to learn something new or fulfilling a customer's request, you can now try making the Fox Tail Bar by following this simple tutorial by TIAT. As J.D. Lenzen points out himself, this design can be used for a variety of pieces, including a bracelet or bag handle. Share your work with us [...]

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Paracord storage

Having problems with storing paracord tangle free? Tried multiple methods and nothing seems to work? Give this technique below a try and see if the image above becomes your favorite storage method for all those great colors you purchase from Mr Paracord :)  http://bit.ly/1p7Rso8

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How to make a simple bottle wrap?

There are numerous tutorials on paracord can koozies, bottle holders or plant holders; however, TIAT's videos never fail. In the video below, J.D. Lenzen shows simple steps to making a bottle wrap that surely can be used for other things as well with just a little bit of imagination :)Make sure that while you're on [...]

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