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How To Make A Ring from 550 Paracord


Don't you hate those left over scraps of paracord? You just never know what to do with them. Here is a great tutorial on how to make rings from you paracord scraps by Turan. Can you just image all the fancy rings you can make out of them? 

Paracord Lovers,

Ask any one who has ever worked with paracord that there is probably no accurate way to measure the exact length of paracord required to make something. That is the reason there will always be tons of paracord scrap. Ask a beginner like me, tons of the cord is wasted because of improper choice of lengths or improper technique used.

Look at the picture above and you will see what I mean. Those small pieces of paracord always got me thinking that there must be something that can be done or made with those. I did a lot of search on the internet and found some great Ideas, I also came up with some original ideas of mine too. In the end, I started to believe that there is no such thing called paracord scrap. Every single piece is useful.

This instructbale is more like a collection of Ideas unlike a set of instructions. It has instructions where ever required.

Click Here for a Picture Tutorial