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Blog - #paracordprojects

Slatt's paracord bracelet


Following the link below, you'll find a tutorial for the bracelet above which uses the same technique as the Slatt's rescue belts. The benefits of making this bracelet are that you can simply weave it without having to use a jig and it's easily undone giving you plenty of cord for survival situations. You can check out our selection of glow in the dark cord which will only add to the use of this bracelet for survival. Happy knotting!


Stitched solomon

We are pretty sure that you already know how to do the solomon weave; however, it doesn't hurt to stitch it up a bit to make it look nicer! Following the link below, you can see step by step an interesting stitching technique! Even though the text on the page is not English, all the [...]

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Double monkey fist bookmark

Whether you need it for J.D. Lenzen's (TIAT) new book on his amazing work or for your children's school books, or maybe you just want a challenge, you need to give this double monkey fist bookmark a try!The steps to making it are very simple, it just a little bit of calculation work to leave [...]

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Aluminum Chair Makeover

Are you one of those people who just love to redecorate their house every now and then? Are you someone who can't let go of vintage things you find in your garage? Do you like giving things in your house makeovers?Well if you are any of those, this project is definitely for you! The tutorial [...]

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