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Polyester Paracord

Polyester 550 Paracord

Yes! Polyester paracord.

Polyester 550 is very popular. It's just as popular as Nylon paracord and sometimes it's often hard to differentiate between Nylon and Polyester paracord. Some of the top paracord suppliers sell Polyester paracord and you probably didn't know the difference.

Whether than attempt to be deceptive and not advising you the difference, we provide you with the option to choose the product that best suits your needs.

The main difference between Nylon and Polyester paracord is Price. Polyester is more affordable. You can typically expect savings of 25-40% off comparable Nylon paracord.

Our Polyester paracord has the same standards of Nylon paracord.

  • Rated to 550 lbs
  • 7 Inner 2 Ply Nylon Strands
  • Quick drying
  • Will not rot.
  • Very easy to work with.

Some differences

  • Polyester is more affordable and we're able to stock it faster.
  • The braid is very tight, which sometimes means a smaller diameter.
  • Less smooth than Nylon. If you're using paracord for bracelets and projects that don't hold weight than this will not make a difference. Also for dog collars and leashes this will not make a difference.

If you're familiar with Nylon 550 paracord we recommend that you stay with that and try Polyester paracord before you make a big purchase.