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What is the difference between micro,

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There are several sizes of paracord on the market to choose from. Mr. Paracord sells all of the different sizes of cord from micro cord to 750 paracord. If this is confusing to you, read this post so that you can understand the vast differences between the major types of parcord.

From left to Right, micro, 275, 325, 550, 750

Micro Cord

Great for stictching, traplines and enhancing the quaility of your paracord projects, micro cord is the slimmest cord we offer. It is 1/10" in diameter and comes 125ft. Our micro cord is 100% nylon and made in the United States. 

275 Paracord

This paracord pasts the 275lb tests, meaning it has the minimum breaking strength of 275lbs. 275 cord has four inner nylon strands that is covered by a nylon sheath. It's size is 3/32" and like 550 paracord can be used in survival and craft projects.

325 Paracord

This paracord is similar to the 275 paracord however, it is has the minimum breaking strength of 325 lbs sheath. It's size is 7/64". 325 paracord is versatile just as 275 paracord.This cord has one woven inner nylon strand covered by a woven nylon.

550 Paracord

As the most popular paracord, due to its military uses, 550 paracord has the minimum breaking strength of 550lbs. The cord has 7 nylon strands inside. At www.mrparacord.com we sell 550 paracord with a nylon and polyester sheath. It's size is 5/32" and has many uses. From bracelets and pet collars to first aid kit uses, 550 paracord is very diverse.

750 Paracord

Being the largest paracord in diameter, this cord is also the strongest. It has a minimum breaking strength of 750lbs and has multiple uses, especially for survival projects as it can withstand more weight. 750 paracord is 3/16" in diameter and has 11 nylon strands inside covered by a nylon sheath.